Rain Barrels

Prepare for the rainy season by installing a rain barrel!  Rebates of up to $100 are now available. 

In partnership with the San Mateo Countywide Water Pollution Prevention Program (a program of the City/County Association of Governments of San Mateo County), BAWSCA and participating member agencies  are offering rebates of up to $100 per rain barrel for the purchase and installation of qualifying rain barrels.


For the fastest rebate, apply online. Note: online rebate applications are only accepted for the following water providers: Brisbane/Guadalupe Valley MID, City of Burlingame, Daly City, Foster City/Estero MID, Mid-Peninsula WD, Redwood City, San Bruno, Westborough WD, Hayward, and Alameda County WD.  You will need your water account number in order to register for an account and submit your application.


Program Information

What are rain barrels?


Rain barrels are used to collect rainwater from hard surfaces such as rooftops and store it for later use. They are low-cost systems that allow you to supplement your water supply with a sustainable source and help preserve local watersheds by detaining rainfall. When you install a rain barrel at your home you are helping to maintain a healthy urban watershed by reducing the demand on the potable water system to irrigate your garden, and by reducing the amount of wet weather runoff that is collected and sent into the public storm water system, which goes untreated into our bays and estuaries.

Are rain barrels a good option for me?


Rain barrels and cisterns are appropriate for sites with the following characteristics:

  • Roof areas that drain to downspouts
  • A level, firm surface to support a rain barrel to prevent shifting or falling over.  A full 55-gallon rain barrel will weigh over 400 lbs
  • A landscaped area where captured water can be used (and where it can be drained by gravity flow) located within a reasonable distance
  • A landscaped area or safe path to the storm drain

How much water do rain barrels save?


The amount of water that can be collected from a rooftop depends on several variables, including the dimensions of the rooftop, the collection capacity, and the amount and timing of the rain received. Be sure to do some calculations to determine how much rain barrel storage capacity you need. For example, San Mateo typically receives around 19 inches of rain annually.

How do I receive a rebate?

You may be eligible for two rebates totaling up to $100 for your rain barrel purchase, including:

  • $50 from the San Mateo Countywide Water Pollution Prevention Program for San Mateo County installations
  • Up to $50 from participating BAWSCA water agencies or the City of San Mateo


Total combined rebate is up to $100 per qualifying rain barrel or up to the total cost of the rain barrel, not including sales tax, whichever is less.


To obtain your rebate, submit your rebate application, along with your purchase receipt and post-installation photos, to BAWSCA via mail at 155 Bovet Road Suite 650, San Mateo, CA 94402.


Member Agencies offering Rain Barrel Rebate





Rain Barrel RebateAlameda County Water District50.00Fremont, Newark, Union City
Rain Barrel RebateBrisbane, City of100.00
Rain Barrel RebateBurlingame, City of100.00
Rain Barrel RebateCal Water Service Co. - Bear Gulch50.00
Rain Barrel RebateCal Water Service Co. - Mid-Peninsula50.00
Rain Barrel RebateCal Water Service Co. - SSF50.00
Rain Barrel RebateCoastside County Water District50.00
Rain Barrel RebateDaly City, City of100.00
Rain Barrel RebateEstero Municipal Improvement District50.00Foster City
Rain Barrel RebateHayward, City of50.00
Rain Barrel RebateHillsborough, Town of50.00
Rain Barrel RebateMenlo Park, City of50.00
Rain Barrel RebateMid-Peninsula Water District 100.00
Rain Barrel RebateMillbrae, City of100.00Millbrae
Rain Barrel RebateNorth Coast County Water District100.00Pacifica
Rain Barrel RebateRedwood City, City of100.00
Rain Barrel RebateSan Bruno, City of50.00
Rain Barrel RebateSan Mateo County50.00
Rain Barrel RebateSan Mateo, City of100.00San Mateo, City of
Rain Barrel RebateSunnyvale, City of50.00
Rain Barrel RebateWestborough Water District50.00Daly City, San Bruno, South SF